Rashi’s Bible Interpretations in Yalkut Shimoni on Psalms

is a project in Rabbinical studies which has started in February 2020 and is led by the supervisor Prof. Dr. Dagmar Börner-Klein, the author of several books and many articles, among others on rabbinical exegesis, and the publisher of the book series on Yalkut Shimoni:

The project is supported by the DFG (the German Research Foundation) and affiliated to the Jewish Studies the University of Düsseldorf in Germany. Dr. Vera Leininger is the project research assistant in the area of Jewish history.

Within the frame of the project Yalkut Shimoni, the comprehensive biblical commentary on Tanach, will be compared with the work of Rashi, one of the most important Jewish commentator on the Bible and Talmud – in particular: Their commentaries on Psalms. As both commentaries are of an extraordinary relevance for the history of the interpretation of the Hebrew Bible and its integrity within the Jewish culture and history, and formative for the literal and personal identities over generations and centuries, the humble goal of this project is none less than the comparison of the mutual influences embedded in their time and area of impact.

Furthermore, these pages are to inform about the topics, methods and sources relevant to our research.